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akk: AKK - Schriftzug aus Blitzen (AKK)

Before & After & Inbetween

Physicist on the Rampage

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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declassification of information in progress.
stay tuned


I'm also AKK @ IJ.


Here's a guide post, if you look specifically for my fanfics.
I use Dreamwidth's age restriction filters for limiting access to my NC-17 fics, so you don't require granted access to read them.

SxS is 'No Safety' Love

Friending Policy:

I don't mind subscriptions. Actually, I feel slightly flattered when people find my stuff interesting enough for keeping track of it.
However, I'm not prone to subscribe in return at first sight and I'm cautious about granting access.
So please don't expect me to grand access to you without ever talking to me or sharing any common interests. That doesn't mean I don't like you, but merely that I don't know you (yet). :)


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